Take a walk down memory lane with us

Celebrating 40 years of chicken 'n biscuits

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Forty glorious years ago, our heroes (also known as Jack Fulk and Richard Thomas) founded Bojangles’ Famous Chicken ‘n Biscuits in Charlotte, North Carolina.

And this milestone has made us a little nostalgic.

We’ve been poring through photos from the last four decades, resulting in gasps, a few tears, and tons of laughs.

Take a look at some of our favorites.

old bojangles

#tbt to that kind of pricing.


old ad

No limit?!?! We bet things got crazy.



You couldn’t miss our employees in those gems!


raeford rd

Wonder how many kids that chicken scared…



Now that’s a good-lookin’ cake!



Bye-bye, old friend.


square dance

Square Dance Convention? We’re there.


tea tasting

The best things in life are free.



We were crazy for MDA Shamrocks (and still are!)



Okay, there’s NO way all of you fit into that car…


miss biscuit

Ain’t she pretty?


cruise bus

Things got weird that time we cruised around SC.