These Bojangles Cakes are So Epic

You jealous?

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You know what they say: If you love something, turn it into cake.

Okay, we’re just saying that, but you GOTTA check out these works of art. We’re honored to have a fan base that invites us into their birthday, wedding, and everyday celebrations.



Somebody had a great 13th birthday!


That’s a Supreme cake.



Wait… those chicken legs aren’t CHICKEN???



Racing and Bojangles go hand-in-hand.



A few of his favorite things…

Breas Sweetness



Fun fact: We ordered this one from local Charlotte company Celestial Cakery to celebrate our one-year anniversary with these two groups. If only we had counted how many times people said, “Is that actually a cake!?”



Diana Bradley

Looks like a celebration to remember.

Diana Bradley


If only those bottles were Texas Pete!

erin pabst


Fortieth birthdays call for ALL the fried chicken and frozen yogurt.

for goodness cakes


Two to go, please.

joifilled delights

Landon Dascombe

Legendary Iced Tea made of cake? Game over.

Landon Dascombe


This couple celebrated their engagement at Bojangles and took engagement photos wearing It’s Bo Time t-shirts. So obviously, their rehearsal night dinner cake looked like this.



Just add fixin’s.



Nontraditional cakes are best when made with Bo-Berry Biscuits.



Too cute to eat.



These folks are tailgate-ready.


Mad respect for the Sausage, Egg and Cheese Biscuit love.



It’s got everything we need and more.

the wow factor cakes