Five guests you don’t want at your Big Game party (and one you do)

Can you guess who's who?

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Ahh, the Big Game! It’s almost here. Naturally, we’re pumped. Another reason to celebrate with Bojangles chicken, biscuits, fixin’s, and tea.

If you’re like us, you’re probably gearing up for a Big Game party. And with every party comes all kinds of guests.

Here are five guests you don’t want at YOUR Big Game party (and one you most definitely do.)

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  1. The one who won’t stop chatting (about everything but football)

    Yes, we’re all here to have a good time and do a little catching-up, but c’mon! Football’s on. Time to focus. (Also, too much talking = not enough Mac-and-Cheese-eating.)

  2. The one who doesn’t care (and makes sure you know it)

    A very small percentage of pro football fans get to watch their favorite teams play in the Big Game each year. So even if your team didn’t make it, put on a brave face and cheer a little. Hopefully, you’ll still enjoy a good game! (Just can’t do it? Cheer for chicken.)

  3. The one who keeps shouting EVERY. PLAY.

    We love a hardcore football fan, but do you really have to cause a ruckus every single play? Sit back and sip on some Legendary Iced Tea® to cool down. Unfortunately, the refs can’t hear you.

  4. The one who falls asleep

    OMG! Wake up, friend. This is THE biggest game of the season, and there is a LOT of perfectly seasoned chicken to be eaten!

  5. The one who disrupts the commercials

    It’s the one time of year that people actually get psyched about commercials. Some would say they’re just as important as the game! So don’t be the one who blocks the TV, talks over the sound, or *gasp* tries to change the channel. Besides, you may miss the Bojangles commercial.

  6. The one who shows up with a Big Bo Box 

    Ah, the true hero of the Big Game. The only one you really need. Your new best friend. The kind soul who shows up with chicken, made-from-scratch biscuits, delicious fixin’s, and that sweet iced tea. If you’re really lucky, you may encounter more than one of these types of guests.

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