This Couple Missed Bojangles So Much, They Made a Drive-Thru

Beep beep!

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Denver Colorado is great… except there’s no Bojangles in sight. So what do ya do when you’re craving that flavor? Break out your Bojangles French Fry Seasoning and get to work.

Tim and Keila reside in Denver and have a strong affinity for Bo Time. Because they couldn’t gather with friends, they figured out another way to bring a little cheer during these difficult times. So, when we saw their homemade drive-thru on Twitter, we had to get the scoop. Get the details below.

tim and keila
Tim and Keila, AKA Big Bojangles Fans

When did you first try Bojangles food?

Tim: I grew up in Rocky Mount, NC so I’ve been eating Bojangles since before I can remember. I’d say my fondest memories are going to store #15 on Highway 301 for Chicken Supremes with my older brother when I was in middle school.
Keila: During my first visit to Raleigh, back in 2017. We were visiting family and I think I ate Bojangles 4 times over a couple days… I was hooked!

Why do you love Bojangles?

T: It’s a taste of home for me. The fries, the seasoning, the Supremes, the biscuits, the sweet-tea, the Bo-Rounds… I love it all!
K: Other than the deliciousness, I love the fact that everything is made from scratch!

What do you miss most about Bojangles?

T: We don’t get great southern fried food in Denver so I miss being able to hop in the car and drive over to Bojangles on a Sunday afternoon after a big weekend. I went to Virginia Tech and the best was when someone would show up at the tailgate on a sunny day in Blacksburg with Bo’s Jumbo Tailgate. I miss that.
K: I miss eating Chicken Supremes on the beach with my two sisters (in-law). That is the best way to eat Bojangles, by the way. On a warm beach.

Keila showing off her Bojangles from a trip down south.

What inspired you to make your own drive-thru? How many people did you serve?

T: I’ve always enjoyed frying chicken. It’s just one of those things I learned along the way. And when you fry chicken, you don’t just fry a little, you fry a lot. Normally, we’d invite some friends over and make a day of it. During quarantine, we couldn’t do that. So Keila and I spent the morning getting supplies and setting up and then we invited friends to walk or drive over and grab a plate of chicken tenders with fries. Next thing we knew, we had cars lining up outside our garage.
K: We wrapped it up to-go style for 18 people (plate, honey mustard, food, napkins, foil and a drink).

Can you describe the set-up of the event?

T: Our kitchen walks right out to our garage which leads to an alley behind our condo. So we had the chicken prep setup in the kitchen (chicken > flour > egg wash > seasoned flour with Bojangles French Fry Seasoning, of course). The deep fryer was setup near the garage door so folks could actually see the chicken come out of the fryer, onto the rack, seasoned with Bojangles French Fry Seasoning, plated and served with fries seasoned with, you guessed it, Bojangles seasoning. We also had a few Bojangles honey mustards laying around from our last trip to NC so a few lucky folks got even closer to the real experience with their own Bojangles honey mustard.

The drive-thru goods!

When’s the last time you visited a Bojangles?

K: December 29th, 2019 – we were driving from Wintergreen, VA to DCA and stopped in Charlottesville. I always buy extra Supremes and honey mustard so I can fly home and eat it the following day. Bojangles is the only place where you can reheat their fries and they still taste great! We were supposed to be in SC for Easter so our next Bojangles meal will be in August for beach week. I am counting down the days!

Favorite Bojangles order?

T & K: 4 piece Chicken Supremes, honey mustard, fries and a sweet tea!

Photos courtesy of Tim and Keila.