We tried 7 more hot sauces with our chicken. Check ’em out.

If you can't take the heat...

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You may remember last January’s spicy blog post where we documented our taste-test of eight hot sauces on our perfectly seasoned chicken.

Well, we couldn’t stay away from the heat. So we asked you, our loyal fans, which hot sauces we should try next. And we put them to the test.

Here are our takes on seven more hot sauces.

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Hot Sauce: Bibigo Gochujang Hot & Sweet Sauce

Verdict: This Korean-style hot sauce is a bit thick and has a nice sweetness to it. But don’t let that fool ya – there’s a kick, too! Not a bad option when you’re looking for a totally unique flavor on our chicken.

Hot Sauce: Valentina Mexican Hot Sauce

Verdict: Putting this hot sauce on our chicken tasted like putting salsa on our chicken. And we’re totally fine with that. The spiciness is not overbearing, as you can still taste the flavors within. We recommend this one.

Hot Sauce: Cholula (Green Pepper)

Verdict: Last round, we tried traditional Cholula. This time, we went with a slightly spicier version. We didn’t love the jalapeno and poblano pepper flavors with our chicken, but we DID recommend the original Cholula. So stick with that.

Hot Sauce: Zatarain’s Cajun Hot Sauce

Verdict: Cajun hot sauce on Cajun-spiced chicken? We’re so down. This sauce kicks up the heat in our own special seasoning, and it happens to go great with our Seasoned Fries, too. Enjoy!

Hot Sauce: Mike’s Hot Honey

Verdict: Although this isn’t a true hot sauce, it is honey infused with chilies. So we’re counting it. Plus, honey goes great on our chicken. However, we didn’t really taste additional heat, so we recommend sticking with our own honey (available in packets at any location.)

Hot Sauce: Crystal

Verdict: You guys love this sauce! And we can see why. The red cayenne pepper is a nice complement to our flavorful chicken and leaves your mouth tingling just a bit. Pour it on, baby.

satans breath hot sauce

Hot Sauce: Satan’s Breath CBD Hot Sauce

Verdict: We had to throw a North Carolina product in the ring. This hot sauce is made with Carolina Reaper peppers and infused with CBD oil. And it’s hot! We liked it on our chicken, even with the lingering heat.

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A blank canvas for your hot sauce of choice.


Disclaimer: Opinions are our own. We did not partner with any of these hot sauce brands to create this content. These hot sauces are not available at Bojangles (but Texas Pete is!)