Finalists Take the Stage for Our Annual Master Biscuit Maker Competition

These are THE BEST biscuit makers.

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We take our biscuits very, very seriously. How else can we serve the best?

master biscuit maker

Each year, Bojangles hosts an incredible group of biscuit makers (after competing locally for the top spots) to determine the ultimate Master Biscuit Maker. The winner receives the coveted title as well as a cash prize (and eternal glory, obviously.)


This year’s finalists from franchise locations are: Edith from Yadkinville, NC; Wes from Boiling Springs, SC; Zach from Knoxville, TN; Debra from Villa Rica, GA; Ricky from Florence, SC; Jennifer from Easley, SC; Elva from Surfside, SC; and Victoria from Norfolk, VA.


The competitors are judged on the ability to hit all 48 biscuit-making-steps, on how fast they complete the rolling process, and on the appearance of their biscuits.


The roll-off takes place in the Bojangles R&D Kitchen, also know as the kitchen (where all creative ideas come to life.)


Did we mention how intense this competition is!? Several judges watch every move, and a crowd always forms outside to cheer on the contestants.


Ever wonder how Bojangles Biscuits are made? Check out this handy-dandy website to learn more.


And if you didn’t already know, just remember this: our biscuits are made from scratch every 20 minutes. That’s why they always taste so great.


All of these amazing biscuit makers deserve praise (and we can’t thank them enough for all they do), but there can only be one winner.

Or can there….?


This year, our franchise Master Biscuit Maker competition was a TIE!

Meet your newest Master Biscuit Makers: Ricky and Jennifer. Congratulations!

ricky and jennifer