Six MORE retired Bojangles’ products you wish you’d tried

The list goes on and on...

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ICYMI, we published a list of six retired Bojangles’ products you wish you’d tried in honor of our 40th anniversary.

Well, we’re back at it, making you hungry and nostalgic with six more gone-but-not-forgotten dishes.

Browse through and let us know which one makes your mouth water the most.

boneless asian wings

Boneless Wings with Asian Sauce. A super unique (and super missed) addition to the Bojangles’ menu.


country fried steak

Country Fried Steak with Gravy. Now that’s the South on a plate.


iced coffee

Iced Coffee… oh how we miss you…


cajun filet with pimento cheese

Raise your hand if you need a Cajun Filet Biscuit with Pimento Cheese RIGHT NOW.


egg bo biscuit

The ever-so-popular Egg Bo Biscuit (egg, cheese, and Canadian ham.)


shrimp platter

And who could forget this platter of fried shrimp?


Items that appear above may not have been sold at all Bojangles’ locations (actually we’re pretty sure they were not). Additionally, in case you missed it, these are items we USED to sell at Bojangles’. They are no longer sold at Bojangles’. If you go into one of our locations and ask for an item on this list, you are probably going to be disappointed when you’re told that we no longer sell that item. And we’re really bummed when we disappoint you. For a list of items we DO sell, check out our menu page.