Six retired Bojangles’ products you wish you’d tried

And we kinda wish a few would come back

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You’ve loved our famous chicken ‘n biscuits since we were founded in 1977. But how many of you also dove into our many culinary experiments over the years?

From boneless wings to fried catfish, we’ve served quite a variety of dishes over time. Take a look at some of our favorites.

Warning: you may get a little hungry…

boneless wings platter

Boneless Wings, y’all. Definitely the talk of the party.



Vanilla, Strawberry, and Chocolate Milkshakes. Who remembers these thick, creamy beauties?


chicken burrito

Chicken Burrito, full of Roasted Chicken Bites, Dirty Rice, and Cajun Pintos, grilled to perfection. Could definitely re-create this one at home…



Fuelers (or Cajun Filet sliders with mustard and pickles.) These were part of a line of mini sandwiches that sadly disappeared too soon.



CORN! As a fixin’! It just makes sense.


chicken salad sandwich

Chicken Salad Sandwich, may you rest in peace.


Items that appear above may not have been sold at all Bojangles’ locations (actually we’re pretty sure they were not). Additionally, in case you missed it, these are items we USED to sell at Bojangles’. They are no longer sold at Bojangles’. If you go into one of our locations and ask for an item on this list, you are probably going to be disappointed when you’re told that we no longer sell that item. And we’re really bummed when we disappoint you. For a list of items we DO sell, check out our menu page.