What is a Spotter, and why do they get Bojangles’?

Here's to you, Spotters!

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Each crew member on a NASCAR team plays an important role.

The driver … well, drives. The crew chief makes strategic decisions that could win or lose a race. The tire changer … you get it.

Perhaps the most unsung hero of a race team is the spotter, who serves as a driver’s “eyes in the sky.” While each car has mirrors, the combination of incredible speed and the car’s safety equipment restricts visibility for drivers, preventing them from knowing how close another competitor is. So when speeds approach 200 miles per hour, a spotter can make all the difference between a pass for the win or a wrecked car.


Along with the driver and crew chief, the spotter is the only other team member required to be present for every practice session, timed qualifying and race. This means hours upon hours every weekend, perched atop the spotter’s stand high above the race track and far away from any food concessions. Didn’t bring lunch? You’re out of luck.

That’s where Bojangles’ comes into the picture. While these spotters work through lunch, we’re going to bring ‘em lunch. A delicious Bojangles’ lunch. Because nobody should be stuck on the spotter’s stand for hours without something good to eat.