What the heck is steeping, anyway?


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You may notice that we talk about how our Legendary Iced Tea® is freshly steeped every day.

It’s even on our website.

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So… what the heck is steeping, anyway?

Steeping is the act of soaking something solid in liquid (typically good ol’ h2o) to bring out the flavor of that item.

So when we say our tea is freshly steeped, we mean we’re soaking our special blend of tea leaves (solid) in hot water (liquid) for just the right amount of time to bring you that Bojangles flavor you love. Of course, we also add one more ingredient if you order it sweet: sugar.

Why do we steep? Around here, we like to do things the old-fashioned way (just like how we make our biscuits from scratch every 20 minutes). Many other iced tea-pourers just load tea and water into a machine and press “brew.” But that’s just a little too easy.

Lots of love goes into each refreshing cup of Legendary Iced Tea®. We hope you enjoy every sip.

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