Celebrating International Women’s Day at Bojangles

A few of the women who lead at Bojangles

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International Women’s Day is celebrated every year on March 8.

And while we celebrate women every day, we wanted to take a moment away from chicken ‘n biscuits to talk about a few of the female leaders here at Bojangles.

Take Tina Glover, for example. Tina has been with the brand for 31 years. She started as a cashier at her local Bojangles in Columbia, SC, in 1986.  She eventually became a co-manager, a Field Training Manager, an Area Director, and today she is one of only ten Directors of Operations. Currently, she manages five Area Directors (who manage 28 stores total) in the Columbia area.

“I love the food, and the company feels like family,” Tina said. “It feels like you’re with your family when you go to work every day.”

Tina admires other women in the Bojangles family, especially Janet Lynch, an area director in the Charlotte region.

“She is very humble, very stable, very helpful,” she added.

When asked what she looks forward to every day, Tina responded, “I look forward to making a difference. If I can make someone smile or make someone’s day, that makes me feel good.”

Here in Charlotte, where Bojangles was founded in 1977 and continues to operate from today, SVP of Human Resources Vickie Smith will soon celebrate her 26th year with the brand.

Her favorite thing about working for Bojangles? “Besides the Bo-Berry Biscuits®, the people. It’s a family.” Vickie also gives major credit to another member of the HR department, Jeanine Eubanks, and considers her “my right hand.”

Day after day, Vickie looks forward to the “opportunity to have an impact on anything that comes up.”

“I’m thankful for our employees, our customers, our company, and our brand,” she said.

Over in Georgia, franchisee Kristal Beaver owns four Bojangles restaurants (and one in North Carolina). Kristal has been with the brand since October 2005, and prior to joining the team, she “was seen daily with our signature 32 oz. cup full of tea” and “probably had a Cajun Filet Biscuit® five times a week.”

“My favorite thing about working for Bojangles is the family atmosphere that exists among the franchisees and company,” she said. “We truly are one brand, one company, one focus. There is a great sense of unity among us.”

Kristal looks up to two very significant women of our time: Oprah Winfrey and Dolly Parton. “Both were born into extenuating circumstances, possess incredible work ethic, and remained humble after achieving unimaginable success.”

Like Tina, Kristal enjoys serving and impacting the community.

“It is the reason I am a franchisee,” she said. “Our statement is anyone can build a restaurant, but we came to build relationships.”

What female leader do you admire? Tweet us @Bojangles1977 on March 8.