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Building Our Digital Future

The Opportunity

We're building a better, bolder Bo by creating experiences our customers crave, growing incremental sales, and giving them more reasons to come back and eat with us more often.

Revenue has grown more than 4X in the past 2 years.

Lapsed users (60+ days) revisit at 10X the rate when given a well-timed offer for purchase

500K+ engaged customers in our digital platform

What does this mean for you?

We’re bringing you closer to your guests than ever before - making it easier for you to acquire them, market to them on an individual level, and retain them over time, creating incremental sales and traffic and lifetime value

What We’re Creating

Our Focus for Growth in 2024


We’re building a more personalized, brand-forward, customizable, and convenient platform to manage customer relationships and fuel growth. Digital sales year to date is nearly 6% and continuing to grow. To reach our 10% goal, we want to drive all-system growth by sharing tools and insight with Franchisees to continue growth and opportunity.
Menu overhaul & harmonization

A streamlined menu that provides guests with more simplicity while maximizing check averages

AI-Driven Upsells

Intelligent suggestions based on item order volume and frequent pairings

Exclusive digital offers & menu items

Special offers and experiences accessible only when you join

Improved guest journey to improve accuracy

Reduces latency and churn, encourages increased frequency, and superior order correctness.

Menu detail pages

Intuitive navigation, easy-to-select items and add-to-basket action

Hyper-localized map

Unique Radar technology provides the most accurate location tracking and geo-targeting

More flexible experience

Dynamic content across the site experience to better localize each guest experience.

Localized Digital

A grassroots approach to building guest relationships, trade area by trade area, and customer by customer. Want to take advantage of special digital offers and platform management for your stores? Learn how to walk through the digital support helpdesk to submit a request for a digital exclusive, see the range of offers available, and different methods of communicating it via SMS, Email, and Push, to become more familiar with the process of submitting a ticket with this new process.
Optimized guest journey

From social media to email and text messages, see how we engage with guests from promotion to order

Comprehensive guest communications

We’re sending the right message at the right time through highly successful communications channels including email, text, push notifications, and in-app inbox messaging.

A new approach to digital advertising

Strategic mix of ad buys that grow awareness, gain new guests, and beat out surrounding competitors.

Yext support for platform management

Best-in-class partner provides simple management of local menus, third-party and social platforms and review management

Create your own campaigns

Ready to get started on an offer for your stores? With the support of your regional marketing manager, we’ve streamlined the process to get your custom campaign up and running.


We believe strong third-party delivery participation, along with targeted promotions and advertising will drive strong results in your restaurants.

10% of delivery customers drive 37% of total delivery sales

Frequent customers are worth 8X compared to infrequent customers

Promotion customers have +49% higher average order value ($28) Compared to organic customers ($19)


It’s critical to increase visibility, access and conversions with third-party customers.

Campaign setup that works for you

We’re here to support your transition onto third-party advertising through self-serve campaigns or company-built campaigns

Operations excellence leads to stronger digital sales

Maximizing uptime, decreasing driver wait time, and improving Inaccuracy are the most important metrics to drive guest satisfaction, retention, and lower refund costs to franchisees

What You Can Do Now

Tell us more about you and we’ll be back to you to help you get the most from these tools.
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