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What Makes Bo, Bo?

At Bojangles’, community involvement is part of our company’s DNA. This not only helps solidify the culture and attitude of the brand, but also helps to build relationships within the community that serve for lasting effects on the business.

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Bojangles’ New-Look “Building of the Future” Turns Heads

At Bojangles’, we know the future is now, and we’re committed to showing it on every facet of our business, including the design of our restaurants. We introduced the first “Building of the Future” prototype in Greenville, South Carolina, early last year.

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Franchise Owner Not Surprised That His Locations Have Taken Off

Keith Haywood has two Bojangles’ locations, one in the Charlotte Douglas International Airport and another in the Union Station in Washington, D.C. Throughout the day, Haywood sees customers flock to his locations and observes that different dayparts bring customers looking for different experiences.

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