Our Food Is Famous. Our Customers Love Us®.

We know how much our fans love us, but now thanks to Eater, everyone knows, and we couldn’t be prouder of our fans!

Eater, the premier source for food news and dining guides from across the country, featured Bojangles’® on its very popular “Cult Following” video series. Our fiercely loyal fans are so vocal and excited about our product, and we’re glad to have them as part of the Bojangles’® family.

In the video, Erin Perkins, Editor of Charleston Eater, highlights our most popular items and our ties to Creole and Cajun cuisine. She further legitimizes our southern roots by adding, “Your grandma can eat it!” Alex Abad-Santos, Vox’s most enthusiastic Bojangles’® fan, describes our food as “heaven.” Thanks Alex, that’s a new one… even for us!

Our restaurants may be across the Southeast, but our fans are EVERYWHERE, and they are connecting more and more by sharing their Bojangles’® love across social media. It’s something we couldn’t have predicted, but sure do appreciate.

Eater isn’t the only publication sharing the love of Bojangles’®. It’s a Southern Thing, an online publication, recently held a fast food biscuit taste test, and Bojangles’® came in at #1! The video has been viewed more than 26K times on YouTube. We’re excited and grateful for this word-of-biscuit-loving-mouth publicity being organically shared and viewed.

We’re always happy to see our devoted fans sharing their love of our brand and so are our Franchise Owners. This kind of loyal following means no shortage of guests, and their organic vocal appreciation of our brand means no shortage of future fans!

Ready to build a Bojangles’®-lovin’ fan base in your community? Reach out to us today!