Keith Haywood has two Bojangles’® locations, one in the Charlotte Douglas International Airport and another in the Union Station in Washington, D.C. Throughout the day, Haywood sees customers flock to his locations and observes that different dayparts bring customers looking for different experiences.

“Our breakfast daypart has a customer that is interested in speed of service and, of course, quality food. Our lunch and dinner dayparts have people who are more interested in a casual, relaxed dining experience before they take off.”

His family’s business is primarily in cafeteria management, serving colleges and universities. He led the charge to find a franchise that would be a good fit in transportation centers, and Bojangles’® fit the bill.

“I am from Charlotte. I grew up with Bojangles’® and knew the brand very well. When we opened in the airport, it was a huge success. Our projections literally doubled in two years. Ten years later, it has been a major success,” Haywood said.

Now, he is getting ready to add a second Charlotte Airport location in 2019. For weary travelers, all of his Bojangles’® locations will continue to focus on great food and an exceptional experience.

“The first thing people notice is the welcoming attitude of our staff. We are ready and willing to assist our customers, even if it’s helping with their baggage. We do everything we can to make the experience as convenient, efficient, and as pleasing as possible,” he said.

Convenient? Pleasant? Airport travelers may wish that the Bojangles’® attitude would rub off just a little on those that share their space.