Kristal is Clear About Why She Loves Bojangles®

If you were to meet Kristal Beaver, you would feel like you’d made a new friend after talking for just five minutes. She’s just that kind of person. Bubbly. Smiling. A good listener. It’s what drew her first employer to her and gave her the opportunity to work in foodservice when she was only fifteen.

Her people skills helped her advance and move up in the company until she became Human Resources Manager and ultimately, a District Manager. Ironically, it was in the service of that company that she happened upon the Bojangles’® brand.

“In my job, I traveled all over north Georgia. During my travels, I would stop at different Bojangles’® locations, and that is where I became the biggest fan of Bojangles’® food and service that you could imagine, ” said Beaver.

Of course, it’s a big leap to go from grabbing a Cajun Filet Biscuit® and Legendary Iced Tea® to buying a Bojangles’® franchise. Kristal liked her current job, but she admits she was open to her next opportunity.

She decided to do a bit of reconnaissance into Bojangles’® and was surprised at what she saw.

“Once I saw the business side of things, I was extremely excited. Large AUVs, three dayparts, very profitable bottom lines. I was convinced,” she said.

The rest is history. But Kristal’s story is far from over. She currently owns five locations, but she has never been one to sit still. She’s looking forward to opening more units.

“Bojangles’® is such a great system that once you learn it and it works, it becomes easy to duplicate and then grow in additional locations,” she said.

If you want to grow with a brand that you can be passionate about like Kristal, learn more by filling out the form.