At Bojangles’®, we know the future is now, and we’re committed to showing it in every facet of our business, including the design of our restaurants. We introduced the first “Building of the Future” prototype in Greenville, South Carolina, early last year. Since then, the new design concept has been incorporated into a number of locations across the Southeast. And there’s more to come.

“This is just the beginning,” said Randy Icard, Bojangles’® Vice President of Construction and Franchise Development. “Our new concept showcases Bojangles’® commitment to the guest experience and to operational excellence. It’s an excellent indicator to our franchise system that we are looking forward, always focused on improvement and innovation.”

Since the Greenville remodel in 2017, which features a streamlined, modern interior and updated exterior among other updates, six other locations throughout North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia have adopted the new design concept. Two more updated restaurants are slated to open by the end of this year. The remodeled restaurants have been transformed with a sleek, modern design, with all-new interior, furniture and lighting, while holding the new layout and model to the same high standards that customers have come to expect over the years. The new furniture offers unique and convenient seating, including high top tables, counter seating and an array of flexible group seating options.

“We’ve heard great feedback from our customers about the dining area,” Icard continued. “It was important for us to provide customers a contemporary space and a variety of seating options to encourage dining in our restaurant.” Keith Haywood, a franchisee who owns a Bojangles’® in Charlotte Douglas International Airport, has incorporated several elements of the new restaurant model into his airport location.

“We have just invested in renovations to our store, and if you come by the Bojangles® on Concourse B, you’ll notice that we’re bright and fresh with new ceiling tiles, new lightings, new serving lines, the latest in equipment and POS systems, with nice, shiny floors and a bright area to gather your attention,” Haywood said. “You’ll notice that Bojangles® is a cool space that is attractive and welcoming to our customers.”

Since its introduction, the new design has enhanced the consumer experience, while allowing our restaurants to run at top efficiency. The design also displays Bojangles’® popular menu items in unique and innovative ways. Upon entering the new prototype store, customers will notice brightly-colored crocks containing Bojangles’® home-style fixin’s and an array of vibrant signs highlighting Bojangles’® chicken and biscuits.

“A more open look and feel in the kitchen is what customers want and allows us to display our food in a new and unique way,” said Icard. “At both company and franchise locations, we’ve been pleased with the way the new design showcases our menu offerings.”

The new restaurant models feature enhanced Wi-Fi, charging stations and a glass enclosed “Biscuit Theater,” to showcase Master Biscuit Makers making fresh buttermilk biscuits from scratch every 20 minutes.