The Best Values You Can Share with Your Customers Don’t Come from a Coupon

The Holy Grail of franchise marketing isn’t just figuring out how to get customers in the door. Give them a great offer or a freebie and, chances are, they will give your concept a try. The real trick is turning them into repeat customers and ultimately, brand fans.

Bojangles’® Support Center has this down to a science as witnessed by our raving, craving BoFanatics. Through their efforts, and those of our Franchise Owners, we have created a brand that extends well beyond our food.

Our customers have embraced Bojangles’® as part of their lifestyle and show their pride in public, and especially on social media. Building that brand loyalty takes smart marketing, great customer service, and a corporate culture that emphasizes giving back and rewarding excellence.

It also takes Franchise Owners who live our values and grow stronger by networking with other Franchise Owners in our system for mentorship, advice, and strategies that have worked for them.

Kristal Beaver, a multi-unit Franchise Owner, knows the value of a supportive network, both at the Support Center and out in the field.

“At Bojangles®, we treat each other like family. Our culture is one of integrity and character and always making the right decision for the brand. We are more than a restaurant that sells chicken and biscuits. We’re truly are here to build relationships.”

Customer experience. Inspiring brand loyalty. Living the culture. These are all concepts that smart marketers have embraced and savvy customers seek out. It’s what we at Bojangles’® have always done.