Not to brag, but our people are the greatest – and Charlotte CW affiliate WCCB-TV thinks so, too.

In November, News Rising host Joe Duncan traveled to the Salisbury, NC location to see 24-year Bojangles veteran Deborah Watts in action and chat with her beloved regulars to see what makes her so special.

Joe begins the segment by saying “What can I say about Deborah Watts? She’s good at her job, she’s more than just a friendly face – she’s actually a big bundle of joy.”

And working at Bojangles is a joy for Deborah, most often referred to by her customers as “Mama Dee.” She can be found singing throughout her shift, remembering all her regulars’ orders (and reminding them if they forgot) and serving every meal up with a smile.

After being at the Salisbury location for 17 years, her regulars aren’t just customers anymore – they’re her family. In fact, when one of her regulars’ wives passed away, Mama Dee took time out of her hectic work schedule to sit and pray with her customer.

In an era of staffing shortages and great resignations galore, Mama Dee is proof that customer service and smiles still matter.

Check out the segment here. Thank you to Mama Dee for your dedication and service to Bo – employees like you are what make our brand great!