Chicken franchises are a booming QSR segment with high customer demand and immense growth potential. In fact, according to IBISWorld, the QSR chicken segment has grown an amazing 29% in 2021 alone. What can we say, people crave the satisfying taste of delicious fried chicken, and franchises that are able to deliver a unique guest experience can capitalize on the chicken craze.

If you’re looking for a best-in-class chicken concept, there are other important factors to consider besides what’s on the menu. To stand out against the crowd, your future chicken franchise needs to combine a strong operational model with an outstanding guest experience that keeps customers coming back time and time again. Learn which four qualities you should look for in a chicken franchise and how Bojangles® beats out the competition in every category.

Differentiate Your Brand in the Marketplace

It seems that QSR concepts everywhere are trying to break into the chicken market, but few are able to create a differentiated product and brand the way Bojangles has since the very beginning. We got our start in Charlotte, North Carolina, in 1977, and we stay true to our roots with authentic Southern flavor and down-home food pairings. Rather than settle for a simple sandwich and fries, guests come to Bojangles for a taste of our signature seasoned chicken available whichever way they like it—bone-in, boneless, on a biscuit, and so much more.

Unlike most other chicken franchises, Bojangles also has strong performance during the morning and lunch segments with 36% of sales occurring before 11 am1. This unique differentiator enables our franchisees to capture more guests throughout the day and earn more sales before many competitors hit their peak hours.

Quality and Service Matters Most

With so many chicken franchises to choose from, guests will consistently choose the restaurant with the best quality offerings. Bojangles strikes the perfect balance between quality, value and convenience, providing guests with delicious meals at a reasonable price served fast.

Our famous biscuits are made fresh every 20 minutes to ensure guests get a consistent, quality experience upon every visit. We’re so proud of our biscuits our restaurant designs feature a window into our kitchen where guests can watch our Master Biscuit Makers make the biscuits from scratch. Paired with fresh, never-frozen chicken and hearty fixins, it’s no wonder Bojangles continues to win over guests with every bite.

A Great Reputation Goes a Long Way

Bojangles has a cult-like following of fans. While many of our restaurants are located in the Southern and Eastern U.S., our name is known from coast to coast. Many people who grew up eating Bojangles move to other places, but they take their loyalty to our brand with them, creating demand in new markets.

Our corporate team also works to identify promising frontier markets and engages in marketing to generate demand in those locations. This helps our franchise owners create buzz around their new restaurants.

Stay Ahead of the Game

Chicken franchises that stay stuck in the past finish last. While Bojangles hangs onto some traditions, like the importance of Southern hospitality, we’re not afraid to evolve with changing customer-demand.

To better serve our guests, Bojangles has introduced innovations like our loyalty app, where fans can earn rewards, order ahead and take advantage of offers. We’ve also enabled our franchisees to partner with third-party delivery services to maximize sales without adding additional labor within their restaurants. Franchisees were able to easily integrate this ordering method with their existing POS system to simplify the delivery process.

Find Out What Else Makes Bojangles a Standout Chicken Franchise

Both chicken fans and franchisees can’t get enough of Bojangles. Learn what else makes Bojangles an outstanding franchise model by getting in touch with our team.

1. Percentages based on company-operated restaurants for year 2020. See April 16, 2021 Franchise Disclosure Document for details.