You asked. We answered… and then we listened.

Bo Sauce is back. Everyone’s chiming in with their saucy takes, and we pulled our top 10 favorites.

Bo comment 1
Bo Sauce missed you, too, @srt48u

Bo Comment 2
@caden, WELCOME BACK (welcome back welcome back welcome back)

Bo Comment 3
Gotcha 😉 @hmellert

Bo Comment 4
@bynum.thomas, the feeling is mutual.

Bo Comment 5

Bo Comment 6
@sweetie89207, we’re so happy to have YOU back 😊

Bo Comment 7
TGBSIB (Thank Goodness Bo Sauce is Back) @kthoot

Bo Comment 8
@Camryn, don’t cry, eat fries (with Bo Sauce)

Bo Comment 9
Yes, yes you did. @Randy. Not all heroes wear capes.

Bo Comment 10
@Charlie, queue “How to Save a Life” by the Fray…