About Bo-Linda™

Bo-Linda™ is a dynamic conversational drive-thru AI platform to augment human interaction with digital restaurant systems.

All About Bo-Linda™

Bo-Linda™ Service Features

Bo-Linda™ is a conversational cloud-based AI platform deploying to some Company and Franchise locations.

Bo-Linda™ can take guest orders 96+% of the time with no human intervention.

Bo-Linda™ can explain menu items and modifiers/options to guests.

Bo-Linda™ can advise guests when we are out of a menu item.

Bo-Linda™ can increase order accuracy.

Bo-Linda™ can improve overall satisfaction by offloading order taking from team members and providing a consistent guest experience.

Use of Bo-Linda™ Software

As a guest, you can interact conversationally with Bo-Linda™ just as you would with any of our team members.

Where can I find Bo-Linda™?

Bo-Linda™ is available in 20+ restaurants. Look for Bo-Linda™ coming to your favorite Bojangles soon.