As Bojangles enters its 47th year of business, let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

The year is 1977, the original Star Wars was released in theaters, the first Apple II computer went on sale, Queen Elizabeth II was honored for her Silver Jubilee, and last but certainly not least, Bojangles opened its first fully-branded location on West Boulevard in Charlotte, North Carolina. As the longest-operating restaurant in the company, the West Boulevard location has (and continues) to serve hearty chicken, fluffy biscuits, and refreshing tea to all types of customers - from morning commuters to late-night crowds and everyone in between.

The restaurant was briefly closed in fall 2023 so the historical location could undergo a complete makeover, and to celebrate the reopening, the community gathered to reflect on nearly five decades of Bojangles’ history and recount memories of the bustling atmosphere from 1977. The event was attended by faces both old and new, including CEO Jose Armario; Lenay Thomas, daughter of cofounder Richard Thomas; and David Maisel, one of the locations’ first employees who went on to hold several roles in the company before becoming a franchisee. Employees served up Bo’s signature flavors as Charlotte locals shuffled in to share stories of their many visits to Bojangles, highlighting the restaurant’s role as more than just a place to grab a meal.

The reopening marks a new chapter for Bojangles in Charlotte. The restaurant is one of the first to offer “Bo-Linda,” the new AI voice bot that takes customer orders at drive-thrus, and boasts self-serve kiosks as well as digital menu boards. The space also has a completely new look with a modern twist on the classic southern aesthetic.

But that doesn’t mean the traditional flavors are lost. Bojangles is committed to staying true to its recipes and values of community connection. Its unique blend of culinary tradition and contemporary appeal will undoubtedly keep patrons coming back. And today, Bojangles remains committed to delivering exceptional dining experiences, while staying true to the values that have defined the brand since 1977 when the West Boulevard location opened its doors. So, here’s to another 47 years on this remarkable journey—a journey marked by innovation, growth, and, of course, plenty of delicious chicken and biscuits.