Sep 29, 2020

From 0 to 14 Bojangles Restaurants: A Conversation With Raj and Neil Pathak

Good operations and strong employee management are two of the biggest factors to growing a profitable franchise restaurant business. That’s what Raj & Neil Pathak understood early on. (more…)

Sep 25, 2020

3 Common Challenges to Opening a Successful Franchise (and how to overcome them)

There can be many perks of opening a franchise; built-in brand recognition, the trust of the community, and the ability to replicate a tried and true business model–just to name a few. However, it would be remiss not to mention the potential challenges as well. Investing any amount of time or money into a potential venture…

Sep 18, 2020

What to consider when choosing a franchise opportunity

With thousands of franchises to choose from, it makes sense that careful entrepreneurs might be a little overwhelmed by the abundance of options. It can be difficult to find a franchise that is profitable and aligns with your values. Furthermore, it can be harder still to find a corporation that you can envision working with for…

Sep 14, 2020

4 Franchise Owner Success Stories

Many of our franchise owners are not only successful businessmen and businesswomen – they’re also a key part of the communities they develop in. We wanted to highlight some of their stories, and who they are. (more…)

Sep 10, 2020

Conversations with Franchise Leadership: Meet Jose R. Costa

In this article, we had a chance to chat with Jose R. Costa, Chief Development Officer at Bojangles. You’ll get a sense for his backstory, how he views the brand, what makes Bojangles different, and his thoughts on the franchise community. (more…)

Aug 31, 2020

What kind of support can franchisors give to franchisees?

One of the biggest benefits of partnering with a franchisor is the ability to get franchisor support as you’re building your restaurant. Franchisors can give you the blueprint and the framework you need to successfully build a business, so all you have to execute as an operator. The type of support you can expect depends on…

Aug 24, 2020

Franchise Success Story: Making the Leap from Convenience Stores to Bojangles

Ash, Rajiv, and Lela Dinakaran are a franchise success story – they own 14 Bojangles restaurants across three states (VA, NC, and GA). We had a chance to sit down with them and talk to them about their story – how they got involved in franchising, their secrets to success in the franchising world, the experience…

Aug 13, 2020

Why Bojangles Is An Attractive Chicken Franchise Opportunity

Considering buying a chicken franchise to expand your franchise portfolio? (more…)

Aug 06, 2020

4 mistakes to avoid when buying a franchise restaurant

When you’re buying a franchise restaurant, you enter into a long relationship with the franchisor you’re partnering with – a relationship that’ll last for decades. There are a lot of financial resources that go into it as well – so it’s a decision that’s really important to take your time with and get right. Below, you’ll…

Aug 03, 2020

How to open a successful franchise restaurant

There are a lot of different skills you need to open a successful franchise restaurant, but the biggest one?  Operational experience. Opening a franchise means you’re given a proven blueprint to follow – but you still have to manage a wide range of employees, lead a team, and navigate day-to-day challenges of running a franchise restaurant.…

Apr 28, 2020

This Couple Missed Bojangles So Much, They Made a Drive-Thru

Denver Colorado is great… except there’s no Bojangles in sight. So what do ya do when you’re craving that flavor? Break out your Bojangles French Fry Seasoning and get to work. Tim and Keila reside in Denver and have a strong affinity for Bo Time. Because they couldn’t gather with friends, they figured out another way…

Feb 19, 2020

These Bojangles Cakes are So Epic

You know what they say: If you love something, turn it into cake. Okay, we’re just saying that, but you GOTTA check out these works of art. We’re honored to have a fan base that invites us into their birthday, wedding, and everyday celebrations.   @andreabigz Somebody had a great 13th birthday! That’s a Supreme cake.…

Jan 03, 2020

We tried 7 more hot sauces with our chicken. Check ’em out.

You may remember last January’s spicy blog post where we documented our taste-test of eight hot sauces on our perfectly seasoned chicken. Well, we couldn’t stay away from the heat. So we asked you, our loyal fans, which hot sauces we should try next. And we put them to the test. Here are our takes on seven…

Oct 09, 2019

Have You Taken Part in These Tailgate Traditions?

Tailgating. It’s our favorite part of football season. And some schools do it big. Check out these tailgate traditions from just a few universities in Bojangles territory. University of South Carolina Columbia, SC Home of the… Gamecocks Ever tailgated in a train car? Lucky fans at the University of South Carolina can experience such a feat.…

Sep 30, 2019

Make Your Own Bojangles-Inspired Turkey This Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, we’re unable to offer Seasoned Fried Turkeys. We know. It’s a bummer. The good news is you can still have authentic Bojangles flavor in your Thanksgiving meal by using these recipes. Turkey Brine INGREDIENTS 3 cups apple cider 2 cups brown sugar 1 cup kosher salt 3 tablespoons tricolor peppercorns 5 whole bay leaves…

Sep 24, 2019

Win Your At-Home Tailgate

Our love for tailgating and football goes together…well, like chicken and biscuits. Tailgating doesn’t have to be limited to home games in your city, though. Check out our tips on how you can transform your home into a tailgating paradise for your favorite teams’ away games. Grab your favorite teams’ themed Big Bo Box®—now available for…

Sep 24, 2019

The Sizzle is Back!

Can’t get enough of our beloved Pork Chop Griller? We can’t blame you for loving this pork chop seared to sizzling perfection. That’s why we created a ringtone of our famous sizzle. You’ll never be without it! Download through Zedge, or click here to download manually.    

May 03, 2019

Recipe: Chicken Tostadas

In the mood for a fun – and deliciously playful – snack? Grab your favorite Bojangles’® Roasted Chicken Bites™ (or Chicken Supremes® for a little kick), combine with Bojangles’ Cajun Pintos®, and pile high for a one-of-a-kind Bojangles’® Chicken Tostada. The messier the better. (Disclaimer: This item is not served at any Bojangles’ location. Roasted Chicken…

Apr 17, 2019

Finalists Take the Stage for Our Annual Master Biscuit Maker Competition

We take our biscuits very, very seriously. How else can we serve the best? Each year, Bojangles hosts an incredible group of biscuit makers (after competing locally for the top spots) to determine the ultimate Master Biscuit Maker. The winner receives the coveted title as well as a cash prize (and eternal glory, obviously.) This year’s…

Mar 21, 2019

Biscuit Bracketology 2019 Round One Picks

Basketball is cool, but we happen to be really into biscuits. Have you voted in this year’s Biscuit Bracketology?  Vote for your favorite biscuit in each match-up, and you’ll be entered to win a Bojangles-branded Xbox One X. To kick off this year’s bracket, we asked three Bojangles loyalists to give us their picks. Read on…

Mar 08, 2019

Celebrating International Women’s Day at Bojangles

International Women’s Day is celebrated every year on March 8. And while we celebrate women every day, we wanted to take a moment away from chicken ‘n biscuits to talk about a few of the female leaders here at Bojangles. Take Tina Glover, for example. Tina has been with the brand for 31 years. She started…

Jan 28, 2019

6 Questions with Bojangles New CEO

On January 28th, Bojangles Restaurants, Inc. announced Jose Armario as our new CEO.  He’s got over 30 years of experience in the business, and is kinda a big deal. So we were pleasantly surprised when he agreed to sit down with The Spork Report over a Cajun Filet Biscuit to answer your questions.  The Spork Report: What is…

Dec 07, 2018

What to Order at Bojangles…

If you’re reading this, you’re probably already a loyal Bojangles fan. And we sincerely thank you. But chances are, not everyone in your life has been exposed to our famous chicken ‘n biscuits. So what do you order when your friend is visiting Bojangles for the first time? Cajun Filet Biscuit® Photo…

Nov 26, 2018

Tailgate Recipe: Buffalo Chicken Crescent Ring

Running out of fun dishes to bring to your weekend tailgate? Here’s a new one for ya. Grab some Bojangles perfectly seasoned chicken and make this Buffalo Chicken Crescent Ring at home. (Disclaimer: This item is not served at any Bojangles’ location.) INGREDIENTS 3 Bojangles’® Bone- In Chicken Breasts 2 Bojangles’® Ranch Dipping Sauces ½ cup…

Nov 07, 2018

Tailgate Recipe: Dirty Rice Stuffed Peppers

Stuffing peppers with rice is no new feat, but stuffing them with Bojangles Dirty Rice? Now we’re talking. Turn this tailgate fixin’ into a dippable delight, also known as Dirty Rice Stuffed Peppers. (Disclaimer: This item is not served at any Bojangles location.) INGREDIENTS Cooking spray 1 Picnic Size Bojangles’ Dirty Rice® ½ tbsp Bojangles’® French…

Oct 24, 2018

This Baby Celebrated His 1st Birthday in the Best Way Possible

When Charlotte photographer Charmekia of CharMarie Photography posted a series of photos from a recent “cake smash” session, we just about cried of cuteness overload. How adorable is little Luke!? Luke’s mother Tywanda has always been a big Bojangles fan, and in her son’s first year, she’s passed the love on to him. “I ate Bojangles…

Oct 22, 2018

Meet the 2018 Bojangles Tailgate Patrol

Panthers fans, get ready! Our 2018 Tailgate Patrol has been hitting the tailgate scene around Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, NC, and will continue to for every Panthers home game. They’ll be scouting the crowds looking for tailgate crews enjoying Big Bo Boxes® and sipping on Legendary Iced Tea®. If they catch you, you may…

Oct 08, 2018

Tailgate Recipe: BBQ Chicken Mac ‘n Cheese

Do you love Bojangles Chicken Supremes®? And mac ‘n cheese? And BBQ sauce? Of course you do. Combine them all together, and you’ll have this amazing BBQ Chicken Mac ‘n Cheese dish for your next tailgate. (Disclaimer: This item is not served at any Bojangles location.) INGREDIENTS Cooking spray 4 Picnic Size Bojangles’® Macaroni n’ Cheese…