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Update: October 22, 2019
Thank you for being a loyal BoRewards member. We would like to let you know that we are discontinuing the BoRewards Mobile App program on December 30, 2019 and ask that you use your current Wallet funds by this date.


Can I continue to use the funds I have in my Wallet?
Yes! We encourage you to use all funds currently loaded in your account by December 30, 2019.

Can I add more funds to my Wallet?
No. As of October 24, 2019, the ability to add new funds to the app will be disabled.

What happens if I don’t have time to spend my funds by 12/30/2019?
Contact Bojangles’ at regarding refund information. Refunds cannot be processed after 1/31/2020.

Can I keep earning loyalty rewards through 12/30/2019?
Yes! Just be sure you use all earned rewards by their expiration dates or by 12/30/2019, whichever comes first.

How can I stay in touch with Bojangles’?
Join our E-Club program for coupons, news, and updates throughout the year. We’d also love to connect with you on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.