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Use our new app, BoRewards, to get rewards for just eating at Bojangles’. Download by visiting from your Android or iOS device.

No Smart Phone? No Problem!

No Smart Phone? No Problem!

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Get a FREE Half-Gallon of our Legendary Iced Tea® when you Download

Get a FREE Half-Gallon of our Legendary Iced Tea® when you Download

There is a reason our tea is legendary. Learn more about how we make it.

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How can I download BoRewards?

You can download BoRewards by visiting from your iOS or Andriod Device.

I have a suggestion on how to make BoRewards even more awesome.

Great! Let us know by opening the app, tapping the menu in the upper right-hand corner, then tapping “Contact Us.” We can’t wait to hear your awesome idea!

I made a purchase at Bojangles' but forgot to scan my app! May I get credit for that visit?

Unfortunately, we cannot honor a visit if the app is not scanned at the time of purchase. Make sure you let your cashier know you plan to scan the app BEFORE using your preferred method of payment!

Which Bojangles' locations participate in BoRewards?

Many locations participate in the BoRewards program. The best way to find the closest participating store is by tapping on “Locations” in the app.

I visited a location and scanned my app, but I didn't get credit for my visit. Help!

Please note that it may take a few minutes after a visit for a biscuit to be removed from the Biscuit Eatin’ Progress screen. If you still don’t see a biscuit removed after that time, be sure to tap the refresh button in the top right-hand corner of the app.

If a biscuit is still not removed, please tap the menu icon in the upper right-hand corner of the app, then tap “Contact Us” from the menu.

Please also note that you can only earn loyalty credits (i.e. a biscuit removed from the pan) once every three hours.

Do I have to pay with my BoRewards app to receive loyalty credit?

No, you don’t! You’re more than welcome to load funds onto your Bojangles’ Wallet and pay through the app, but you can also use your preferred method of payment and still receive credit. Please remember to scan your app BEFORE any type of payment.

I have a physical Bojangles' gift card. Can I load this on to my Bojangles' Wallet?

Unfortunately, at this time you cannot transfer the balance from a physical Bojangles’ gift card to your Bojangles’ Wallet.

Can I place an order through the app?

At this time, you cannot place an order through the BoRewards app. Mobile ordering is coming soon, though!