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  1. May 4, 2021

    Bojangles and Chaac Foods Restaurants Announce Major Development Agreement

    CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Bojangles, known for its iconic Southern food in more than 760 restaurants throughout the Southeast, announced today a new business venture with experienced operator Chaac Foods Restaurants in what they’re calling the 40 and 40 deal. The agreement calls for Chaac Foods to open 40 new Bojangles stores over the next seven... Read more »

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  2. Sep 28, 2020

    ‘Que the Excitement: Bojangles Expands Barbecue on its Menu

    The home of Famous Chicken and Biscuits is throwing its hat in the barbecue ring just in time for National Pulled Pork Day on Oct. 12, and you’ll be glad they did. New to most markets, Bojangles today starts serving its soon-to-be-famous, Carolina-style, pulled-pork BBQ that is equal parts vinegar tangy and slow-cooked smoky. It’ll... Read more »

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